cheeseWe leave it to other purveyors to market fresh vegetables. We are more than happy to limit ourselves to their preserved state. We carry a wonderful line of grilled vegetables in trays; artichoke bottoms and hearts in a mind numbing variety of presentations, grilled eggplant, fennel, mushrooms, borettane onions, and zucchini.

We offer beautiful types of vegetables that includes small production Italian heirloom vegetables in extra-virgin olive oil, cipollini onions in balsamic vinaigrette, clean crisp spears of white asparagus in brine, pale and delicate hearts of palm, mixed marinated mushrooms.

We have peppers from all over the globe; red zesty peppedews from South Africa, smoky Chipotles in Adobe Sauce from Mexico, Organic wood roasted Morrones and Piquillos from Spain, long green Basque Piparras, roasted red and yellow Greek sweet peppers, hot cherry peppers stuffed with Provolone and Proscuitto.

Our tomato products range from glassed Italian heirloom Piennolo organic vine tomatoes, to chewy moist Italian sundried tomatoes in oil with a touch of red chili, to DOP Italian San Marzanos, to sundried varieties from California, Spain, Turkey, and Tunisia, as well as many types of canned tomatoes and tomato paste.

We have dozens of dried chili peppers; Cascabels to Tepins to Habañeros, and everything in between; in their whole state, as well as a variety of chili and other vegetable powders.