baking essentials

bakingChocolate is one of the world's great foods and an essential ingredient for the pastry chef. There are a number of high quality producers who offer excellent chocolate, much using a single varietal of cacao bean, grown and purchased from a single estate. We carry a range of fine, single-bean, single-estate chocolate both for retail and food service. In addition, we offer both European and American blended-bean chocolate, cocoa butter, and pure cocoa powder that is equal in distinction. We also offer a variety of chocolate dessert cups, chocolate decorations, and chocolate garniture of many shapes and sizes.

Chocolate is but one tool of the pastry makers pallet. Vanilla is indispensable for baking, imparting a richly delicate and quite individual sweet and spicy quality that seems to enhance the aroma and taste of many other flavors.

We stock the very best Tahitian, Bourbon, and Mexican vanilla beans, pure vanilla and other extracts, floral waters, honeys, sugars, flour, and a miriad of fruit and flower syrups that each play their own important role in the pastry kitchen. To that repertoire we add candied fruit and flower petals, nut pastes, and pralines. Our line of French frozen fruit purée includes over thirty- five flavors, from the classic Red Raspberry to the more esoteric Mirabelle Plum and Asian Kalamansi.

Other baking essestials in our line are a variety of all butter pastry doughs and tart shells, the thin, crêpe-like Feuilles de Brick, Kataifi Dough, Strudel Leaves, Fruit Glaze, both French Saf and Fresh Yeast, Meringue and Malt Powder, Frozen Egg Yolks and Whites, Transfer Sheets, Silicon Baking Mats, Parchment Paper and just about every other essential ingredient for the pastry kitchen.