asian products

cheeseMany products that are Asian in origin have become pantry staples. Soy sauce, tamari, rice vinegar, coconut milk, miso, panko, spring roll and egg roll wrappers, and wasabi can be found on many traditional menus whose primary focus is not Asian. We carry a broad line of Asian products and are especially proud of our Mitoku Japanese artisan line.

Mitoku was founded by Akiyoshi Kazama in the late 1970s as a way to bring to this country the very best traditional products of Japan. These include Johsen Shoyu that is naturally aged for 18 months in 12 foot tall cedar tanks, Hatcho Miso which has been made in the same tradition for over 800 years, Brown Rice Vinegar that is aged for 12 months in 100 year old earthen jars that are buried in the earth to help regulate the temperature of the fermentation process, and Tofu that was dried on roofs in the snow just as it was done before the advent of electricity. In the process of finding these foods, Mitoku has been able to revive a number of ancient food traditions and provide a livelihood for hundreds of small family shops throughout Japan.

Through Mitoku we are also able to offer the highest quality noodles of wild kuzu, buckwheat or green tea; aged vinegars from ume plums, organic brown rice and Yuuki grown yuzu; Ise wild arame seaweed and organic Hijiki seaweed, organic barley, brown rice or red rice miso as well as a number of other distinct mirin, tamari, and ponzu.